There’s many a time you might just need a tool to hand to help you on your green laning journey, here’s what I have and why!

A Shovel

If you’re stuck this will help you dig your way out or manipulate the ground to continue the rest of your journey, this is an essential item! Buy one that works best for you. I did have a military folding one that was great for space but took an age to dig anything so after being donated a full size Shovel I’m glad I changed!

A Pickaxe

This was donated from a Green Lane Association member and it comes in real handy breaking up hard soil impacted under the car when I got stuck once, simply put, use this to loosen up the ground then use your shovel to clear it if needed! A valuable tool!

A Trolley Jack

I quickly broke the original Scissor jack on my first Duster, the second one didn’t come with one so I opted for a trolley jack. You just need to make sure that it raises high enough to get your wheel off the floor as the bigger suspension of the Duster means it will travel further before the wheel even gets high enough off the floor! Look for a 4×4 specific one and check how high it goes. These also come in handy when grounded out, Jack a side up to access underneath, clear the blockage and lower it back down then once removed try and get your Duster moving again (I’ve done this and it worked!)

A Strap

A good recovery strap will help your fellow friends remove you or to be assisted by yourself. Make sure it’s rated strong enough to both pull your Duster and handle the extra force of being nudged out of any predicament you or others are stuck in.

A Set of Soft Shackles

Hand in hand with the strap to assist attaching to any recovery points or towing eyes, soft ones are better as metal ones if they break will more than likely fire off at you like a bullet and cause some serious damage to your vehicle or you!

A Reciprocating Saw

I’ve got some Ryobi One+ set of tools, one battery does them all, this to me is essential, many a time I’ve come across branches that are blocking my way and I’ve quickly dealt with them. It’ll handle fairly big branches/small trees that have fallen across your path, and it’s much safer than a chainsaw. A worthy investment! Buy premium wood blades for quick and effortless cutting.

A Tyre Inflator

Another of my Ryobi One+ tools, I’m not sure I need to explain why šŸ¤£ don’t forget to check your tyre pressures before you set off and reset your TPMS using the controls in the Duster every time you inflate your tyres no matter how little air you put in!

An Impact Wrench

AnotherĀ of my Ryobi One+ tools, New to me and not used it out in the field yet but it’s essential for quick wheel changes when you need the spare putting on. Changing a tyre with a manual wrench is hard even more so when you’re on a lane this will simplify the process!

A full sized spare tyre

It’s really important to have that full sized spare and even more so to have it fitted with the exact same tyres you have on the vehicle. Why? Because if you get a puncture on a track you’ll need a tyre with the same grip as the rest or you’ll potentially not make it off the track!

And other stuff…

  • Appropriate clothes. Dependent on weather in case you’re stuck for a while! Or need dry clothes.
  • Plenty of food and fluids for any trip, shops can be few and far between!
  • Fully charged phones to call for an emergency (my phone’s part of the mapping so always on charge! However battery packs would help if your vehicle is off for an extended period during a break down)
  • Torches – I don’t encourage laning at night but a good head torch will help you see and identify any issues

This list is partially complete please keep checking back for updates!