live tracking.

If I’m ‘Live’ it’s usually a signal to say come and say hello!

The live tracking display, providing I have a phone signal will show you accurately my position in near Realtime (Roughly a 2 second delay) and usually there will be a route loaded on the map so you’ll get a rough idea of where I’ve been and where I’m headed (click here to see an example the pink circles are destinations)

Last Trip Shown – Recorded on Saturday 6th April 2024‘The Revisit’

Map controls:

Zoom in/out
Full-screen mode
Start live updates
Stop live updates

You may need to stop live tracking using the controls to work out my position in relation to where I’m going , the planned route will be shown as straight lines (NOT following the roads), each point where the line changes angle/direction is a place I’m heading to so once you see that you can head to that part using a sat nav etc. When you’ve pressed play on the options my current position is centred and locked it’ll keep re-centring every time it updates the position

In the map you’ll see the trip distance, speed and last time the location was updated.

If the speed is showing as less than 10mph but the location is still being updated the I may be stopped for some reason if the speed is above 10mph and the updates have stopped the driver may have lost signal and the positions will be re-uploaded in the order they were recorded until it catches back up to Realtime reporting, you can check this by comparing the last recorded position with the current time which is: